Creating Link for Emacs

Posted on by Ryan Desfosses

I have a local config repo that contains my settings for my laptop and my most used applications, which includes emacs. Emacs uses file to download and configure modules to manage my ever evolving setup.

The way I’ve been managing this is by copying the org-file from .emac.d folder to my myCofig git repo. This is kinda silly. So to fix this I just moved the file to the git repo and created a symbolic link to its new home.

mv ~/src/myConfig/
ln -s /home/ryan/src/myConfig/

Once this was done I verify the link was pointing to the correct file.

ls -ltra

Once this was complete, I opened emacs and saw the following prompt:

Symbolic link to Git-controlled source file; follow link? (y or n)

After selecting yes, emacs opened with the correct configuration. (yay!)

Now that emacs was working correctly I wanted to avoid the prompt and just have emacs follow the sym link. After a quick search on the inter-webs… stackoverflow provided me with what I was looking for. I just needed to add

(setq vc-follow-symlinks t)

to the file that I moved and log in one more time to sync up the settings. Now I can manage my emacs setting properly with git.